Hullos and Scoodies

Hullo sorry i havent been online in a while, I’ve been rather busy.. I’m stressing out over being a senior in high school, becoming social agian with some new people, not to mention my horrible love life (if it can even be called that? I’m seriously considering just asking for an arranged marriage and spare the heartbreak when i turn 18). enough of that, let’s talk about scoodies. i was scrolling through pinterest (it is like my internet home you guys) and i saw this weird but cozy looking thing i clicked it and it came to a blog post and this woman said she was scrolling through pinterest (see I’m not the only one who loves it!!!!) and long story short she decided to try to make a scoodie. Whats a scoodie you ask?? Just a brilliant thing thats part scarf part hood!!! she made a cute one out of fleece, but i thought i could knit some. so i dug through my stash (doesn’t everyone have a wonderful little stash to dip into for random little projects?) for some chunky yarn… I don’t normally have chunky yarn because it s like super expensive for good stuff, but i got this a while ago from my local yarn dealer (yes i say it like it was a drug dealer because it almost feels that way haha) since im a high school student who is broke, i traded in some stuff i made for a couple of skeins of chunky yarn to use with my size 10 needles. i got a rusty red, earthy brown with greenish and purple-ish highlights, and black.. I’ve had these for a couple of months now and it is finally time to use them…. so back to the scoodie, I’ve kinda gotten off track like usual, so i just made my scarf and a hood kind of… so i sat ace in front of the TV and he watched Lady and the Tramp like 3 times while i made the scoodie.. i cast on 20 stitches and just made a normal Garter Stitch scarf (its rather short because i was worried that I wouldn’t have enough yarn to make the hood as well) the when i finished the scarf, i went to the halfway mark, looped some yarn to anchor my yarn into the scarf and garter stitched a hood… i started out with 12 stitches and just increased a lot to give the hood some body, and decreased back to 12 binded off, and stitched it to the other side of the scarf and to itself to close the hole… now i’m pretty sure i have made absolutely no sense at all…. so if you would like to see what i did the improved way ( i am changing up my next one to improve it and make it better) then share and like and all of that weird stuff, or you could just comment that you want a tutorial and i could try to make a video….. and follow…. followers are always welcomed…. i thinks i might even send some stuff the my first couple followers to thank them 🙂 love you guys and i hope to grow bigger but if i don’t, owell its enough just to be discovered by a good few.






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